Live from Inman 2017

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Inman Connect 2017 was an amazing experience full of learning opportunities and inspiring insights into the future of real estate. Here Luke talks about a popular topic throughout the entire conference, THE CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

Video Transcription

Guys I’m at New York City’s Inman Connect 2017 and I just wanted to shout out to all of you guys right now because I just got off the stage. We just finished talking about how do you create the ultimate client experience. And what I want to share with you guys, when it comes to your client experience the struggle is that you don’t control so many of the variables that effect the experience. You don’t control the inventory of the housing, you don’t control the loan, whether or not it’s going to go through or not.

What you do control though is the relationship, is your ability to have empathy, to emphasize with your clients, to put yourself in your clients shoes, and that’s the most important. And you need to personalize your service. Think about it, when you go into your local coffee shop or your diner and they say, “Hey Luke, it’s great to see you we’ve got your coffee coming right up, we know you like black and two sugars,” how does that make you feel? It makes you feel great because they’ve taken a transaction, they personalized it, and now they created an experience for you every time you come in. You need to translate that to your business.

What does that look like? What would say you’re showing a house with family, and you know they have a daughter that loves ballet. When you show them that house, don’t just show them the house, show them the house and then say, “Hey guys, by the way, I know Julie, she’s in ballet. There’s a dance studio 1.2 miles down the road , I just thought you’d like to know that.” That’s personalizing your service and it becomes an experience and it becomes more of a relationship driven transaction.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys, practice personalizing your relationships and your marketing and everything you do to create the ultimate client experience.