Kill Prospects with Kindness During a Sales Call


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Kindness is a trait that we all aspire to possess. Whether it’s to our friends and family or to random strangers, being courteous can not only make us feel better about ourselves, but also help us get further in life. However, when it comes to a cutthroat industry like sales, compassion oftentimes gets thrown out the window. Though, frankly, good manners on the phone often lead to more closed deals.

Not convinced? Below are three reasons why being kind makes a world of difference in sales.

No one wants to do business with a scrooge.

Put yourself in the position of a prospect, and think about the last sales call that you received. How was the attitude of the caller? Were they upbeat and positive? Or were they unenthusiastic and curt? If you had the latter experience, there’s a good chance that you didn’t move forward with the purchase, and for good reason. No one is going to buy from you if you’re rude. If you want to appeal to the prospect and connect on an emotional level, displaying kindness is the way to go.

Body language doesn’t translate over the phone.

Unless you’re video chatting with a prospect, you can’t see each other during a sales call. Sure, this can have its advantages (think: still wearing your pajamas in the afternoon) not selling face-to-face can be a challenge. But, this is where kindness comes into play. Since a prospect can’t read your body language through the phone, using a calm demeanor and keeping your tone upbeat from the beginning is extremely important.

Confidence and kindness go hand-in-hand.

We all know that confidence is a big factor in being able to close a deal. But, confidence without kindness? This can come across as cocky. And again, a prospect will be more hesitant to buy from someone whose confidence doesn’t seem genuine. It’s important to intertwine your confidence with sincere kindness to convey to prospects that you not only believe in your product or service, but that you also believe in building a relationship with them.

At the end of the day, possessing kindness during a sales call is not something that can be taught—it has to come from a place of authenticity. But, if you make it a priority to treat your prospects with the upmost respect, you’ll close more deals in the long run.

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