It’s Who You Know: How to Partner with Local Businesses


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Real estate is a social industry. Not only are you continually communicating with your book of business, you’re forging new relationships via networking. While walking into a room full of strangers may seem like a daunting task, its benefits outweigh its risks and can cultivate strategic partnerships.

Why partner?

When it comes to partnering, the saying “two brains are better than one” couldn’t be more true. Linking up with another community member provides you with the opportunity to not only combine your talents, but also formulate a plan that brings you both more business in the long run.

Who to partner with?  

From an insurance agent to Mrs. Smith down the street, the list of possibilities for potential partnerships is a mile long. However, we’re focusing on the underutilized opportunity of local restaurants.

Sure, your neighborhood pizza joint has delicious pie, but what else can they give you in addition to a cheesy-food coma? More business. According to our GfK Readership Survey, 90% of people dine out regularly, which gives you the potential to both promote and increase your brand awareness tenfold.

How to partner?

It’s can’t hurt to ask. Whether it’s at a networking event or via email, the first step is to connect with the business. Let them know that you’re another local business owner who is looking to support the community.

The next step is to sell the benefits. Why should they want to partner with you? Leverage all that the partnership has to offer—like books of business—and make it a win-win for the both of you.

In search of an idea?

We all know that marketing can be quite expensive. One of the best ways to stay in budget is to split the expenses with your partner. In fact, quite a few of our clients take advantage of American Lifestyle magazine’s customization options by turning their Tear Out Cards into coupons. Not only do their recipients appreciate a deal, their contact information is shared with multiple people—maximizing their exposure.

When it comes down to it, partnering with local restaurants is a simple, yet effective method to cut down on costs and keep your pipeline full.

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