How to Utilize Your Promo Copies This Fall


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You leave your promotional copies at listing appointments, open houses, waiting rooms, and even at your hairdresser’s office. This fall, with back to school season in full swing, consider these more autumn-specific places to leave your promo copies. Make the most of your customized magazine by embracing what the season has to offer.

Community fairs

There is no shortage of fall events happening all across the country. From fairs surrounding pumpkins to cranberries and all of the apples in-between, leaving your promo copies at an autumn event will reach tons of potential new clients. There are first-time homebuyers, families, and retired couples all looking to possibly buy or sell their home. Handing out your promo copies of American Lifestyle magazine is sure to provide you with a slew of prospects.

Back to school night

If you have younger children, consider dropping off your promo copies at back to school night. It could be a great way to mingle with other parents and let them know that you’re there for any homebuying or selling needs.


The kids are back in school, which means one thing: families heading to the library for books galore. While the kids are browsing for hours, parents can be flipping the pages of your promotional copies as they wait. Be sure to ask your local library if you can leave your copies in different areas throughout the building to ensure that your copies are reaching as many people as possible.

Other school-sanctioned events

From bake sales to craft fairs, there are plenty of school events popping up throughout the fall season. Take advantage and bring promo copies with you whenever you stop by one of these autumnal events. You never know who you could meet or what could come from putting that foot forward.

Give a lasting impression and take action this fall by leaving your promo copies at one of these places that are sure to set you apart from the pack.

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