How to Produce Engaging Video Content for the Web

Alexa Bricker

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Having a video presence online is a fun, useful way to directly address clients and potential clients. There are some really simple tips and tricks to help you avoid common mistakes and get the most out of each video you post.

Keep it short.

The first 3–5 seconds of the video are crucial. Don’t spend too much time introducing yourself or your business. Condense as much information as possible into one video by using titles and graphics to complement your monologue.

Always use subtitles

People who come across your video will be interested but they might be watching in a setting where they can’t use sound. For this fact, it’s crucial to make subtitles to retain that chunk of your audience.

Chop it up.

Editing your video properly will pay dividends. Avoid long segments of conversational rambling as much as possible. Instead, use video trimmer tools to do a jump cut every 4–6 seconds to keep the viewer engaged throughout. This will also put a lot less pressure on you while recording, knowing that you only have to get through a sentence or two at a time.

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Use watermarks.

Include a watermark or some other clear indicator to remind the audience of your brand.. This guarantees that no matter where your video ends up, you’ll be credited with it and people will always be able to trace it back to you.

Be authentic.

It’s natural to be enthusiastic while recording a video. If you’re not excited about the fact that your making content, few will be excited to consume it. Similarly, bring your energy from a genuine place. If you’re doing over the top levels of happiness and voice acting, it could come across as insincere.

Have recognizable audio.

Using sound effects or music that your viewers to recognize right away is a great way to engage them in your video. When they hear the sounds that they associate with your videos it will amplify their attention and heighten their enthusiasm.

Posting videos online can open up new possibilities to connect with your audience in ways that meeting in person simply cannot. The occasional video on your social media page will be a great way to mix things up and keep your followers involved.

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