How a Top Producer Uses American Lifestyle magazine to Stay in Touch


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Communicating with your sphere is a crucial aspect of business. But, when it comes to real estate—the type of competitive industry that depends on repeat and referral business—staying in touch with your past and current clients can either make or break your career.

In fact, founder and lead agent with Laguna Residential, Brady Moore stresses the importance of staying in touch. He understands that unfortunately, many real estate agents can and will succumb to the all-to common phrase of “out of sight, out of mind.” Meaning that if an agent doesn’t make it a top priority to continuously reach out their sphere, that not only will their services become an after-thought, but they will also lose profitable relationships in the process.

So, how does Moore stay in touch with those who matter the most?

By sending his sphere American Lifestyle magazine. “It’s just a way of constantly keeping in touch with them,” says Moore. “A little drip marketing over time is a healthy thing, in order to keep your name and image in front of them.”

To clarify, a drip marketing campaign is a direct marketing strategy that involves sending out several promotional pieces over a long period of time (The Balance). Whether your intention is to nurture a prospect, or to remind a past client that you’re still in the industry, a drip campaign is the perfect subliminal nudge, without being overly salesly.

But, why does he utilize American Lifestyle magazine?  

For starters, the quality of the magazine. In comparison to other marketing materials, American Lifestyle magazine takes the cake, and Moore agrees. In fact, it was one of the main motivators in why he chose to start sending the magazine. “I thought the publication looked very high quality. And I appreciate a clean and classier aesthetics in real estate, because things can get cheesy quickly.”

In addition, the content of the magazine makes sending it a worthwhile investment. From engaging lifestyle articles to multiple customizable options, we strive to produce a 48-page magazine that recipients look forward to reading. “ReminderMedia does a great job of selecting things that are a little different, and have a great general appeal,” says Moore. “But the pieces are unique enough that it’s not the same thing you’re going to see in every other magazine out there.”

What type of success has he garnered from sending the magazine?

Let’s get down to the important part—the results. Moore’s results are tangible, as he’s able to experience them first hand. “I’ll go into people’s homes and actually see it on a table or in a house, and I know they didn’t put it out necessarily for me to see, it was actually going to be there anyway,” says Moore. “So, I like that they think it’s attractive enough and interesting enough to put out in their home and not just toss like so many other magazines.”

The takeaway

At the end of the day, staying in touch with your sphere will help you remain top of mind with your past clients, and ultimately lead to more repeat and referral business in the future. American Lifestyle magazine is the type of relationship marketing tool to take your business to the next level. Take a note out of top producer Moore’s playbook, “I’ve been with American Lifestyle magazine for a long time, and I have no plans of changing it.”

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