Get with the Times: Communication Methods for Financial Advisors

In an industry that’s as personal as finance, effective client communication is key. As an advisor, it’s vital that you recognize that as the times change, so does a client’s preferred communication method. Failing to align your communication methods with the present times could result in your clients leaving you in the past.

So, exactly what forms of communication work the best?  

Text messaging

Let’s face it, it’s challenging to get in touch with a customer. Whether it’s via phone call or e-mail, there’s a good chance that they won’t return your message because they simply don’t have time. However, text messages can be read on the fly, regardless of the time of day. According to a recent study, text messages have an open rate of 98%, with 90% of them being read within seconds.

Although we don’t recommend utilizing texting for delivering sensitive information, it’s a great way to either check in with a client or remind them of an upcoming meeting.

Social media

It may sound like a broken record, but social media is popular. According to a 2017 study completed by Statista, 81% percent of the population in the United States has a social networking profile. What does this mean for you? Social media can make a viable communication method.

Take Facebook for example. Whether you’re utilizing a business page or personal account, don’t hesitate to connect with your clients, and send them a direct message. Facebook has a built-in feature that allows you to see when somebody has opened your message. Again, avoid sending sensitive information. Consider checking in, sending updates, and sharing upcoming community events.

Be sure to incorporate the above methods into your communication plan. They’re bound to give you an advantage over your competitors, and help you develop a closer relationship with your clients.

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A digital marketer with a love for all things social.