The 11 Top Real Estate Podcasts of 2020

Talk is cheap… unless you’re in real estate. Or, more specifically, unless you listen to a podcast from at least one of the top real estate agents in the country.

These 11 free real estate podcasts below deliver the goods…

  • High-quality information $$$$
  • Educational $$$$
  • Useful $$$$
  • Entertaining $$$$
  • A six-figure annual income… priceless.

Okay, not a perfect fit, but you get the idea.

Great places to listen to the best real estate podcasts

Make the most of the time you have and listen to these top real estate podcasts.

Like every other real estate agent, you’ve only got 24 hours in a day. But if you make a few more of those hours more productive than your competitors’ do, then you’ve got an advantage.

The 11 podcasts below, in alpha order, represent some of the best real estate podcasts available. They’re not focused on how to become a real estate agent… they’re all about becoming the best agent you can be.

Agent Rise

Some of the best real estate advice from Neil Mathweg podcast

Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg

Host: Neil Mathweg

New podcasts: Mondays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg helps the new agent and the stuck agent equally well. If you find yourself in either category, then Mathweg, coach and agent, has helpful suggestions on a range of topics from the basics of networking to developing successful habits. This guy wants you to love your career and find success without the stress.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #213 The 5 Steps Needed to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent. Find it here.

Wow: “I found my TRIBE!!!! I seriously thank God for you Neil! I’m on a journey and you have validated the things I’ve had in my heart about HOW I’m supposed to do this business. I feel like you are a mentor even though we haven’t even met. You are giving me the courage to step out and take action even though it feels lonely. Many others are certainly not ‘getting it’ yet. I also really appreciate that you don’t swear like a trucker.” Vanizzel Izzle


Some of the best commercial real estate advice from Bigger Pockets podcast

Bigger Pockets

Host: Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Joshua Dorkin

New podcasts: Thursdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: If you’re seeking a commercial real estate podcast to better understand the mind-set of successful commercial real estate professionals, look no further. The BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Podcast features interviews with top-level entrepreneurs and investors. Past guests have included Grant Cardone, Tim Ferriss, and Michael Hyatt. Recently they added special content for new real estate agents.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #319 Avoid These Common Newbie Mistakes! Hard-Earned Lessons from Nathan Brooks. Find it here.

Wow: I owe Brandon, Josh, David, and company a huge thanks! I have learned so much from this poscast [sic] it’s honestly changed the direction of my life. My wife just quit her job so she can raise our newborn and 2 year old [sic] all because of real estate and information I’ve learned on this podcast. I had to work sooo hard to get to this point but here we are. Thanks BiggerPockets and the hard work you guys do to provide amazing content.” bgib32

The Brian Buffini Show

Free real estate podcast from Brian Buffini

The Brian Buffini Show

Host: Brian Buffini

New podcasts: Tuesdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: The Brian Buffini Show continues to be immensely popular. Buffini offers words of wisdom and has inspiring conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, authors, and even fitness experts. The conversations are geared to motivate and help you get ahead in your business.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #061 The Strangest Secret – By Earl Nightingale Find it here.

Wow: I have just discovered this podcast and the man is a power house of wisdom and motivation and tools[.] [O]ver the years of listening to all sorts of podcasts[,] I have never heard anyone more convincing more focused and driven to change the course of human life. You are my guiding light. I am changing my course of thinking and your words are the guidepost the light house and moves me. Absolutely love this[.]” Yolo_gram

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Inspiration for real estate agents to land more leads

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

New podcasts: Weekdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: Though it’s not technically a real estate podcast, agents can’t afford not to check out The GaryVee Audio Experience. This dude has 14,000 ratings and has five stars. Vaynerchuk doesn’t believe in sugar-coating the truth… entrepreneurship is tough. He features interviews with successful people from all walks of life as well as his own quick blasts of motivation. Label this podcast among your real estate shows and make it a part of your morning routine.

Episode extraordinaire: What’s Stopping You from Starting Something? Find it here.

Wow: If you are not listening to this podcast daily you are doing yourself a disservice. Gary not only talks the talk, he has walked the walked. He is brutally honest and will tell you how it is even if you don’t want to hear it. I was a low point in my life personally and professionally and Gary’s advice enlightened me and got my attitude back on track. Thanks Gary!”  Tim Pach

GSD Mode

Hard-hitting, no nonsense real estate marketing ideas

The GSD Mode

Host: Joshua Smith

New podcasts: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Mode with Joshua Smith is real estate talk with a sports radio vibe. Great discussions with real estate movers and shakers from all over the country provide tips to increase your productivity and, ultimately, generate more profits.

Episode extraordinaire: Santiago Arana—From Living on a Couch to Selling $300 Million+ Yearly in Real Estate. Find it here.

Wow: “I can’t believe the amount of knowledge and information I have gained by listening to Joshua’s podcast. And I can’t understand how he keeps finding AWESOME guests. This podcast is totally legit. Non salesy. TRUE content. And he has only been doing this for a couple of years[.] Please subscribe and rate him so that he can continue finding great guests and delivering great content. I truly appreciate this man’s ability to interview and deliver great info[.]” Allened11

Real Estate Marketing Dude

All about getting leads in real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Host: Mike Cuevas

New podcasts: Saturdays(?)

Why podcast is perfect for agents: Best we can tell, Cuevas posts most of his episodes on Saturdays, but occasionally on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays… well, at least once a week. Anyway, Cuevas is big into video (although not exclusively), and in Real Estate Marketing Dude, the focus is squarely on how to get leads as a real estate agent.

Episode extraordinaire: How to Break into a Market Without a Sphere of Influence with Paige Schulte. Find it here.

Wow: “We love The Real Estate Marketing Dude. He gives you practical tips that you can implement into your business immediately that actually give results. He has cutting edge marketing that works. Listen and learn! If you follow his steps[,] you’ll see big results!” iCandy Realty

Real Estate Rockstars

Interviews with top real estate agents and other professionals

Real Estate Rockstarts

Host: David Greene

New podcasts: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars, hosted by the same Dave Greene you can hear on BiggerPockets, features discussions with highly successful agents, brokers, coaches, and investors. Each episode is about growing your business and will provide you with useful advice from how to find real estate leads, to developing a follow-up system, to closing the deal.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #636 How to Run a 100% Referral-Based Real Estate Business with Gayle Zientek. Find it here.

Wow: “I came to the real estate market with no experience or knowledge about the business, I wasn’t even an entrepreneur, however, I tested many of the concepts explained here and after a few months I was able to find the system that suits my personality. I closed 26 deals in 2019 and I know it’s all because of Real Estate Rockstars. Thank you so much to everyone…” SamTorres2012

Stay Paid

Practical real estate marketing ideas from top real estate agents

Stay Paid

Host: Luke Acree and Josh Stike

New podcasts: Mondays and Thursdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: Stay Paid is the sales and marketing podcast from ReminderMedia, hosted by Luke Acree and Josh Stike. With a focus on relationship marketing, each episode offers actionable advice that you can use to expand your business. Plus, Stay Paid regularly features some of the most successful agents from across the country who discuss the practical actions, routines, and practices that won them success. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a genuine real estate talk show.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #117 Tom Ferry – The 5 Things You Need to Build a Thriving Business Find it here.

Wow: I am a 25 year [sic] veteran as a residential real estate agent and my goal is to embrace a modern way of marketing. This podcast has provided me with solutions I’ve never heard of before! I’m so SOLD on this podcast[;] I have unsubscribed from all the others.” Tana Montana

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Best advice for generating leads in real estate

Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Host: Tom Ferry

New podcasts: Wednesdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: It’s no accident that The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is consistently one of the top-rated real estate podcasts. Subscribers get regular updates from Tom—from short motivational speeches to conversations with influential figures in the world of real estate. It’s a must-listen for any agent.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #1 Better Work – Life Balance | Real Success. Find it here.

Wow: Tom and team tell it like it is. He brings in other agents to describe their story and relevance to the real estate market. He typically keeps it on the shorter side so it’s great, to fit a few in here and there. Highly recommend you keep this on your daily must do list!” NKSP

Women Rocking Real Estate

Practical advice for generating leads in real estate

Women Rocking Real Estate

Host: Jen Percival

New podcasts: Tuesdays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: It’s odd, but with most real estate agents being women, there aren’t nearly as many women hosting real estate podcasts are there are men. And women do have a different perspective. In Women Rocking Real State, Percival’s mantra is to stay true to yourself and the sales will come. No yelling. No hype. No nonsense.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #18 Staying Safe Selling Real Estate Find it here.

Wow: Jennifer knows her stuff and teaches it in a no BS style but fitting to so many women in this amazing but crazy business! I learn some[thing] with every episode and so happy to have found her and this podcast.” realtormandy

YES Talk

Real estate news, real estate marketing ideas, and motivational thoughts

YES Talk

Host: Kevin Ward

New podcasts: Fridays

Why podcast is perfect for agents: In episodes that typically run 20 minutes or less, Kevin Ward’s YES Talk features Ward and his thoughts on hot real estate news. Because it packs a lot into a little, YES Talk is a great way to kick start your morning. If you’re seeking something a little more in-depth, Ward also has some longer episodes where he chats with top agents about their most successful strategies.

Episode extraordinaire: Episode #174 7 Things I Wish I’d Known as a New Real Estate Agent. Find it here.

Wow: I love the way Kevin explains things in a straightforward matter. His podcasts and education/coaching has [sic] no smoking mirrors. He doesn’t beat around the bush. I love that when he discusses topics that it’s not a sales pitch for him, it’s sales education for you. He’s the best coach available. I’ve been listening to his YouTube videos for quite a while and I am now participating in his coaching. I couldn’t be happier!” Dannymarg

Written by Gabrielle C. King

I’ve spent my 30-year career making complex and unfamiliar ideas easy to understand. Today I routinely write 2,500 words or less to help entrepreneurs like real estate agents, RIAs, insurance agents, and others better understand marketing and feel a renewed confidence in their ability to close more deals and retain more business.