Find Success in the Renters Market

Renters are an under-served demographic in the world of real estate. Buyer leads will always be secondary to sellers, but rookie agents need to take advantage the money on the table when it comes to renters.

Video Transcription

I want to give you guys four different strategies to help you target renters today. Alright guys so renters are a great source of buyer’s leads for you and here are four
strategies to help you dominate any local apartment complex.

First strategy.

Host a free seminar for first-time homebuyers. A lot of times renters have never purchased a home before so a great way to intrigue them is to give a free seminar on what it takes to get pre-approved for mortgage, what the home buying process is going to be like.

Second strategy.

Do a mailer that targets all the local apartment complexes. This mailer can be twofold one it can invite them to your seminar or second use it to show them the advantages of buying versus renting.

Third strategy.

Call or door knock every apartment in that apartment complex. Pick up that phone give them a call you can get the numbers off of white pages call them, invite them to your free seminar or follow-up to the mailer that you send.

Last strategy.

Then the fourth and final strategy is launch an ad and target it to renters and likely to move people on Facebook. Guys when you can find all four of these strategies this will help you dominate your local apartment complex and attract renters into your sales funnel.

The takeaway.

If you liked these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel let me know what you have done if you’re having success with your Facebook ads or not. Stay tuned in the
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Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

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