Create a Clickable Call to Action on a Real Estate Landing Page


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So prospects have made their way to your landing page. Now what? In order to nurture these leads instead of lose them, your page must be outfitted with a properly designed, actionable call to action (CTA). A CTA is typically a button that instructs or requests visitors to take action right in that moment.

This season, follow these tips to guarantee that your CTA is both an integral and valuable part of your landing page.

  • Decide what you want the audience to do.
    Before you can brainstorm the design and copy of the button, you need to determine the value proposition of the landing page. Your CTA will vary depending on what type of content your page contains. For instance, if it’s a single listing, you’ll want the audience to schedule a viewing. Whereas if it’s a generic page that highlights your services, the audience can be prompted to contact you for more local information.
  • Determine the best location.
    Once you’ve determined the course of action that your audience will take, you can decide where you want to place the button on the page. A well-designed real estate CTA   should be the most noticeable element on the page. Even if it’s not located at the top of the page, the button should be a bold color that is eye-catching. Studies show that   certain colors like, red and orange, have powerful attention-capturing abilities.
  • Create actionable phrases.
    The wording may very well be the most important aspect of a clickable CTA. For starters, the phrase needs to begin with an actionable verb. Words like view, buy, find, learn, and see entice viewers to take action and offer value. You’ll also want to try and keep the copy simple and clear. It’s no surprise that many prospects have short attention spans, so the more concise the phrase is, the better. However, try to still add a level of creativity and avoid overused words.

One of the best aspects of creating a clickable CTA is that you hold complete control—you’re captain of the ship. What works best for another REALTOR® might not work for you. Instead of getting discouraged, take the time to make the necessary tweaks to capture new leads this spring season.

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