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Hosting a seminar to educate homebuyers accomplishes two things. First, you fill your pipeline with quality leads who will participate in several transactions over the years. Second, you establish yourself as an industry expert. That kind of exposure is what leads a handful of agents in every community to garner mindshare and become industry synonymous.

Video Transcription

Alright guys so hosting a seminar for your business is a great way to attract new leads. If you remember from a previous video I talked about targeting renters and hosting a new home buying seminar for them to get new leads for your business.

Today I want to give you guys tips on how to host a great seminar.

Key questions

The first tip I’m gonna give you is you want to find out and answer these key questions as you start your journey on creating a seminar. First question is, Who is your audience? Who are you trying to target?

In the last video we talked about targeting renters but maybe you’re trying to target the 55-plus community that’s downsizing you want to make sure you find out who you’re trying to target because that’s gonna help you answer the second question. What is going to attract people to the seminar? What’s your agenda for this seminar?

As you sort out you know who you’re trying to target it’s gonna help you know the message and what you’re trying to share with these people and this question will also lead you to knowing if you need to bring in another speaker another expert. Like the renter scenario, if you’re trying to give them you know tips on how to get preapproved for a mortgage, maybe it’s great to go get a mortgage rep to be the speaker at your seminar.

The third and final question you want to ask yourself is where it’s a seminar going to be hosted? You want to make sure you don’t do an oversight on this detail and end up with no place to host the seminar.

The presentation

Alright guys after you’ve answered those questions you want to move on to the presentation, and I want to give you some tips for your presentation.

First tip: make sure you create a slideshow and in your slideshow make sure you have at least these three slides: The first slide is make sure you have a slide sharing your background and your expertise. This is your chance to solidify yourself as the thought leader in this industry. Second slide you want to make sure you have in your slideshow is an overview of the topics you’re gonna cover. And then the third slide is you want to make sure you have a question-and-answer slide. Leave ample time for questions and answers because this is the most important part of your seminar because this is where you get a build relationships and find out who’s an actual lead that attended the seminar.

Other tips I’ll give you on the presentation is make sure you keep your presentation short, 30 minutes or less. Make sure you speak with confidence and authority on the subject. Make sure you keep eye contact with the people in attendance, and then if you make a mistake stay calm control your body language and keep going and pushing through. The last and final tip I’ll give you on presenting and this is the tip I give the most of business professionals is make sure you practice. Grab a co-worker, grab a friend, go through your presentation multiple times because the practice is going to enable you to have the confidence to keep pushing through even if you make a mistake.

The materials

Alright guys so there are tips on the presentation. Now I want to give you guys some tips on the materials you’ll probably need for your seminar first is you’re gonna need a slideshow. Second is make sure you don’t forget the sign-in sheet. You won’t believe how many business professionals I talk to and in their first seminar they forget to put together a sign-in sheet and then they’re scrambling to try to get the names the email addresses and the addresses of the people who attended so don’t forget the sign-in sheet third is make sure you have more than just the visuals of the slideshow and have a takeaway so they can take that material with them and reference back to it after the seminar. And then the last material that you’re going to need is create a giveaway that you can give as a gift. It’s kind of like a favor at a wedding a great idea is the American Lifestyle magazine that we have here, but this thing is a gift of appreciation that will live with them long after the seminar.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys there are some tips on hosting a great seminar. If you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, you know comment below let me know what you’ve had successes and failures with with hosting this seminar. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly, take action on this today!

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