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In general, home buyers are a stressed-out bunch. Even those who are in the midst of buying their third or fourth home will feel the pressure that comes along with buying a house. Although these fears are not exclusive to first-time buyers, they are coming from a place of less experience and might require a little more help. Here are some ways you can effectively make life easier for first-time buyers.

Drive communication

The most comforting way to assist someone in unfamiliar territory is to communicate well. Although the home buying process is business as usual for you, it’s quite the opposite for the buyer. Presumably, they’ll have a bunch of questions for you–with some answers being more obvious than others. Nonetheless, they’ll appreciate having someone like you to guide them along the way. As they are new to the process, the buyer may be hesitant to constantly reach out for fear of being a bother. This means it is up to you to be the one reaching out. Just because they aren’t constantly calling or emailing you doesn’t mean they aren’t full of questions and concerns.

Display your expertise

First-time home buyers might know what kind of house they prefer and where they might want to live, but a lot of the headache of the process comes from other areas. Applying for a mortgage, getting a home inspection, how much to put on a down payment–these are just a few examples of areas where you will be of most use to the buyer. Even if it’s something they’re sure is necessary, help get them in touch with the right people to make the process as smooth as possible.

Ease buyer’s remorse

New to the process, first-timers leave themselves the most susceptible to having buyer’s remorse. Naturally, the closing process is a time where buyer’s remorse kicks in the most. This makes it an extremely important time for you to communicate well and reassure them about the commitment they’ve made. Let them know that their doubts and concerns toward the end of the process are certainly normal, and in fact, it would be strange if they weren’t feeling the slightest bit apprehensive.

By offering your insight into the world of real estate to someone who is completely unfamiliar with the process, you’ll build a trustworthy reputation with first time buyers–increasing the odds they’ll work with you again in the future.

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Written by Alexa Bricker

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