6 Proven Tips to Promote Your Roofing Company and Win More Clients

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The roofing industry is highly competitive, with every potential client seeking the lowest prices and longest-lasting results. However, just about every building in your community needs the assistance of a roofing company from time to time, so there are plenty of people looking for services like yours.

The first step to making sure your roofing business is successful is to ensure potential clients can find you. How do you make sure you’re the company that potential clients find first? If you want to become the go-to name in your area for roofing installation, inspections, replacement, repairs, or materials, follow these proven promotion tips.

How Can I Promote My Roofing Business?

Your answer lies in generating leads.

Leads are defined as, “a prospective consumer of a product/service, created when a [consumer] shows interest and provides contact information.” To generate leads and attract new business, your roofing company needs to invest in promotion.

Consider the first step of the sales funnel, the process whereby potential customers turn into closed deals. The lead funnel always starts with awareness. People must know what your business is, what you do, and where you’re located. Promotion is how people gain awareness of a roofer’s business.


While there are many ways to promote a business, the six best methods all focus on one tactic: relationship marketing. (If you’re unfamiliar with relationship marketing, check out our FREE ebook.)

Relationship marketing, at its core, is about nurturing relationships. While some people separate leads into business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) leads, focusing on the relationships with your community—including people you already know—is the best way to promote your roofing services and attract new leads.

Let’s check out the 6 best ways to promote your roofing business, generate way more leads, and eventually close more deals.

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What if your website was the very first name locals saw when they searched for roofing contractor company,  top roofing company, or find roof company near me? SEO is a roofer’s key to optimizing your experience with search engines like Google. What could be better than sitting right at the top of the page?

SEO services can help you craft website content like landing pages and blogs—and add features that search engines look for, like high-ranking SEO keywords (words/phrases that people are searching) and backlinks (links that connect you with other trusted websites).

When search engines like Google detect valuable content, frequent posts, a high rate of traffic, and features like keywords and backlinks, they bump your website nearer to the top of local search results. Eventually, search engines like Google will automatically promote your business in apps like web browsers and Google Maps!


Isn’t blogging dead, though? Absolutely not! Blogging is more important than ever. Not only are blogs your opportunity to optimize your website with features like hot keywords, but they’re also your chance to present yourself as a local expert.

Say a homeowner in your community notices black stains on their roof. They might type “black stains on roof” into a search engine. If you have a blog on your website about this topic—which is written and optimized well—the search engine will display your blog as a top result. This homeowner is likely to visit your website to get answers and learn more about what you can do to help them.

You’re offering valuable content to your community, which converts them into leads. With SEO optimized content, you not only increase your presence among local internet users but also improve your local reputation as an expert in all things roofing.

That’s successful promotion!

2. Utilize Social Media Advertising

Social media isn’t just for personal use. It’s a valuable—and in many ways, free—tool that roofers like you can use to promote themselves in their communities. In fact, Forbes reported that successful social media promotion is the secret behind some of the world’s largest, most profitable brands.

Your social media marketing strategy should focus on ways to stay in front of your audience. Stay in touch with happenings in the community, share posts with photos of your team hard at work (remember to smile!), and even share links to new blog posts with an attractive caption. “Got black stains on your roof? Click here to learn why, and what to do about it!”

It’s important that your roofing company maintain a presence on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. Learn about how different audiences use different platforms, then start communicating in a voice that speaks to these unique audiences. Case in point: Facebook may have a more general audience, but TikTok has a younger average userbase. In that case, post content there that speaks to young homeowners.


For example, you could post a video featuring one of your roofing workers peeling open two moldy shingles. Add narration like, “Ever wondered what moldy shingles can do to a roof? This is how bad it can get!” (Just be sure to leave out info/images that can identify the homeowner.)

Not only have you entertained members of your community, but you’ve put your business name out there; that’s promotion. And, if you keep your business name top-of-mind when they someday need emergency roof repair, skylight repair, roof tile repair, or other roofing service, these are leads that can convert into paying clients.

Repeat this process with professional posts on LinkedIn, informative or funny quips on Twitter, and more. Maintain a regular presence on multiple social media platforms, and you’ve got the ticket to more leads.

3. Increase Business Referrals and Partnerships

One of the best forms of relationship marketing is building partnerships. Partnerships are connections between you and related businesses, like hardware stores, that form a symbiotic relationship.

Remember the term symbiotic relationships from biology class? Symbiotic relationships are partnerships that benefit both parties almost equally. For example, clownfish live in sea anemone because their stinging tentacles provide protection against predators; meanwhile, the clownfish scare away animals that can harm the anemone. Both are more successful together than they would be on their own.


Business partnerships work the same way. As a roofer, who do you think you could form a symbiotic relationship with? Maybe reach out to local hardware stores. If you order supplies from them, perhaps the hardware store will allow you to post fliers on-site or even refer you to locals in need of roofing services.

Reach out to real estate agents, home builders, renovation contractors, and anyone else in the area who’s in an ideal position to promote you to the community. (“Yeah, I know a good roofer! Let me give you their contact info.”) The secret to successful partnerships lies in offering value to your partner, such as patronizing their goods/services or even promoting them back. (“Looks like your rooftop air conditioner is leaking. I know a good HVAC service that can help.”) Suddenly, you’re helping each other generate more leads than any of your companies/parties could on their own. Expanding your sphere in this way is key to closing more deals.

4. Improve Qualified Lead Generation with Email Marketing

You’re probably familiar with bad email marketing. These are the emails that pester you with too many notifications, only for you to eventually unsubscribe—or move them to spam.

Good email marketing does what those annoying emails don’t: it offers an item of value that is relevant to highly qualified leads. In other words, it gives something useful or beneficial to potential customers, and helps you find the most qualified leads: individuals who are more likely to need your services because they own/operate a business or residential property (among other qualifications).

Start with an item of value, like a free e-book with a professional roofer’s maintenance tips. How often should you have your roof inspected? How does you choice in roofing materials affect installation time? Which areas, like gutters, need more frequent care? Offer a free e-book on your website and via your social media marketing platforms in exchange for email contact information.


Once someone gives you their contact information, they’re essentially saying, “YES! I want to hear from you.” Send them newsletters, links to blog updates, and more items of value like coupons or limited-time offers. Use language that’s conversational but also “punchy” enough to get people interested in clicking links to your website—or calling your business. Send follow-up emails based on activity. Did someone reach out for information? Are they an existing client?

This is where email analytics can be especially helpful. Analytics are how you evaluate what works, what doesn’t, your conversion rate, and other data that can help you generate qualified leads. With a good email marketing campaign, you can promote your roofing business—and stay top-of-mind with established clientele.

5. Appear at Trade Shows

Networking in-person is one of the greatest ways to promote your business and increase lead generation. Make local trade shows, conventions, and festivals mandatory events on your calendar.

Then show up and start promoting! Not only can you use marketing materials like banners and flyers to increase brand awareness, but you can canvas to schedule appointments for services like free first inspections. You can also collect email addresses to start email drip campaigns that nurture the leads you’ve garnered.


Draw attendees’ focus with fun booth activities, like a set where you can scoop leaves out of a gutter or wash granules off old asphalt shingles. Potential homeowners may flock to your booth.

Add this major bullet to your trade show objectives: Meet and network with potential business partners, then check in with existing partners. There are other, hidden benefits of appearing at trade shows as well. You can keep an eye on your competitors, borrow some of their tactics, and even fill gaps that they’re missing. Does a competing roofer require pre-payment for all inspections? Get loud about a FREE first inspection!

6. Send Out High-Quality Marketing Materials

This may be the greatest asset that your competition doesn’t know about: high-quality marketing materials.

Some businesses stop at flyers and postcards, many of which end up right in the recycle bin. But what if you could distribute marketing materials that promote your business to new clients, keep you top-of-mind with existing clients, and help you stay in touch with your network of business partners—all at once?

Personally branded direct mail like ReminderMedia publications do it all—with proven results.


Our high-quality, beautifully printed, and personalized magazines feature your image, your business, and your contact info right on the cover. They also feature convenient tear-out cards inside each issue. We also have digital products that you can email directly to potential leads. (Remember what we said about emailing items of value?) Our magazines contain articles about home design, real estate, and home improvement, plus recipes, how-to guides, travel features, and much more.

These high-quality marketing materials make a great impression on your sphere and keep you top-of-mind with your established clients. Plus, when people display these visually appealing magazines in their home or business, other people will see and flip through them as well, putting you and your business in front of even more potential leads.

Not enough businesses implement direct mail materials, even though Business News Daily reported that direct mail offers one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing campaign. If you’re curious about what such a unique and special marketing product can do to promote your roofing company, click here for a free PDF copy of our most recent issue.

Key Takeaways

To successfully promote your roofing business, you need to increase brand awareness and stay connected with your existing client base. There are 6 effective ways to promote your business:

  • Investing in search engine optimization
  • Posting effective social media advertising
  • Creating valuable two-way partnerships
  • Implementing email marketing campaigns
  • Appearing at trade shows
  • Distributing high-quality marketing materials like a personally branded magazine

""These tactics center on relationship marketing, an interpersonal approach to generating new leads and nurturing existing ones. Follow each of these steps and you can become a more competitive presence in the community—and, most importantly, close more deals.

Written by Andre Rios