4 Tips to Consider Before Hiring an Inside Sales Rep


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When agents reach a certain level of success, they’re going to have to start focusing on building a team. Often times one of the first hires to make is an inside-sales rep. In this episode of Above the Noise, Luke breaks down how to make sure hiring an ISA makes sense, and how to go about finding the perfect personality for the role.

Video Transcription

Alright, so your business is growing at rapid rates, you’re ready to hire an inside sales rep that’s gonna get on the phone for you. I’ve literally hired hundreds upon hundreds of inside sales reps over my career, so today I want to give you guys some tips that you should look at and apply to your business before you take the leap. After these tips I’m gonna do later videos that dives into each section specifically to give you a little bit more detail.

Look at your structure.

But the first tip is, you want to look at your structure in your systems. Are you prepared for your inside sales rep. Do you have a CRM? Do you have a dialer? What is your business development process like? Where are the leads going to come from for a real estate agent you want to be looking at FSBOs, expired listings, you want to look at your centers of influence. The key here is, look at your structures and your systems because if you don’t have these in place you’re gonna bring on an ISA and the ISA is gonna turn more into an admin than actually picking up the phone and doing the cold calls.

Set up a commission structure.

Second tip I’ll give you is that you need to be willing to set up a great commission structure for your ISA. Are you willing to appropriately incentivize them most real estate agents will give around 5% to 20% Commission’s off of the GCI of the close, but you want to make sure you are appropriately incentivizing them to go after the right thing.

Give an assessment.

Third tip is you want to give your ISA some type of assessment like a predictive index or disc assessment. We use the PI here and you want to assess them and make sure you’re looking for high A’s and high B’s. A high A stands for dominance and a high B stands for likability so you want to make sure that they’re really likable, but you also want to make sure that they’re dominant that they’re assertive. We actually want to hide a more than a B because we want them to be more detail
assertive here than likable. You also want to look for low D’s low C’s a stands for detail and a C stands for patience. You want your ISA to lack a little bit of detail because you don’t want them to spend too much time thinking about the call, researching the call before they pick up the phone and dial, because it pays to be first and you want them to have lack of patience so they go from one to the next.

Pick up the phone.

Alright guys the final tip I’ll give you when it comes to your interview process of your ISA is you want to make sure that you’re interviewing over the phone. So many people tend to do face-to-face interviews with their inside sales rep, but that’s not the job they’re gonna be doing. The job they’re gonna be doing is over the phone for you, so make sure that you actually have them leave a voicemail for you, make sure they actually pitch you over the phone, that they go into objections with you over the phone so you can tell their voice inflection you can tell how they bob-and-weave on the phone how they sound.

The takeaway.

There you have it guys there are some overarching tips that you want to make sure you have in your business before you dive into hiring an inside sales rep. If you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment below, let me know what your experience has been with inside sales reps. I’m going to dive in and future videos to each of these sections and more detail for you. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook, but most importantly, take action on this today!

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