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Blow away your competitors’ newsletters, emails, postcards, and fliers with the #1 personally-branded magazine for real estate professionals!

These stunning high-gloss magazines are sure to impress your clients, prospects, colleagues, and everyone else in your sphere of influence. Each magazine is customized with your photo and branding, and can be personalized down to the individual recipient level!

Your beautiful magazines get mailed compliments of you to your chosen recipients bimonthly.

All shipping is handled by ReminderMedia, so you can stay focused on running your business.

View American Lifestyle Sample
(Lifestyle and Travel Magazine)

View Good to Be Home Sample
(Home and Garden Magazine)

View Business in Action Sample
(Business and Leadership Magazine)

View Start Healthy Sample
(Health and Wellness Magazine)

  • Beautiful Cover Options to Choose from Each Issue (Customized with your photo, logo, and contact information.)
  • A Letter From You On The Front Inside Cover (This can be customized differently for listing presentations, open houses, client anniversaries, and so much more!)
  • Two Customizable Tear Out Cards (Customized with your photo, logo, and contact information.)
  • Customizable Back and Back Inside Covers (Use to promote listings, ask for referrals, feature client testimonials, and more!)
  • Access to Our Full Resource Library (Free signage to make your open houses look amazing, beautiful buyer and seller guide ebooks to use as lead magnets, and so much more!!!
  • Access to Our Social Media Library (New Content from the Magazine in Digital Format to Share On Social Media)
  • NEW Targeted Follow Up: We use predictive analytics to let you know which magazine recipients are most likely to move.
  • FREE BONUS: Social Media Shares (dozens of new posts provided in your account every month)
  • FREE BONUS: Dozens of Training Videos (like “Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate”)
  • FREE BONUS: Access to our exclusive client Facebook Group. (Get advice from hundreds of the Realtors and business professionals!)

Get Started for Just $9.99!

Hands Down there is NO BETTER way to stay in touch!

Hands Down there is NO BETTER way to stay in touch!

Hands Down there is NO BETTER way to stay in touch!

Hands Down there is NO BETTER way to stay in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the content is controlled by the user?

There are 6 total places within your magazine that you can customize! You can custom the inside cover with a personalized message to your clients down to the individual.
What other services are provided with the Magazine?

Dedicated marketing support team to help walk with you every step of the way to publication, battle tested scripts to follow up with your database, our brand new targeted follow up AI software that ranks your database based off of who is most likely to move so that you can prioritize certain people in your list, and Access to thousands of E-books, Guides, Printable, Training, Webinars, Lead Magnets, & so much more.
How often is it printed?

We have tested the frequency needed to reach the optimal results and we discovered that bi-monthly issues had the best results and was the cost effective for our clients.
Is there any proof that recipients read this?

A 3rd party conducted a reader study recently and found out that the average person spends 46 minutes reading American Lifestyle magazine (That’s longer than the average sitcom!) Along with that, this magazine is kept in recipient’s homes for an average of 3-4 weeks because it is something that they find valuable.
Will this magazine work for my industry?

We have been able to help businesses in over 140 industries. This magazine is perfect for any business that works with referrals or repeat customers and wants a high quality, and impressive way to stand out. We have seen some of the best results with real estate agents, insurance, and financial services.
What if I don’t have a good picture to use for the front cover?

Our team is going to help. We have professionals that do all the editing, and we do have training on how to get a professional photo from a smart phone.
How many magazines do I have to order?

The minimum order is 50 magazines to get our best price of $4.19 per magazine.
What if you I don’t have 50 contacts to send this too?

We have a few options to help you out. We have a tool to purchase a list of people in your area that are likely to move, we have training on how to build your list, and we recommend that you send some to yourself to use at presentations to stand out, and to leave in local businesses.
What is the activation fee used for?

The activation fee covers the entire initial set up of the publication, it also locks down the recipient addresses so that only you can send to them the magazine
Where do the articles come from/who writes them?

We have an editorial team that writes the articles for each issue, but you would have the ability to customize the magazine to your branding and message.
Black Friday Deal: Cyber Monday Deal! Our personally branded magazine setup fee is only $9.99! That’s 97% OFF our normal setup cost! This is our biggest deal of the year!

Get Started for Just $9.99!

Our goal is nothing less than your 100% confidence before you mail your first magazine! If for any reason, after talking with your marketing coach and reviewing your magazine, you are not 100% satisfied and decide you don’t want to mail your first issue, we will refund your entire activation fee!

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