Learn the script

Here’s a quick walk-through of our standard sales pitch. Click through the tabs below.

Step 1: What
Step 2: How
Step 3: Why
Step 4: Button Up

Example "Intro / What"

Steve, My name is Daniel with ReminderMedia. I am currently working with Data Contact in your office in the area of generating more Referrals and to give myself MORE credibility with you, my company is working with over 13,000 Realtors Nationwide. The reason for my call the truth is this, Steve No Realtor yourself included EVER EVER wants to come home from a hard days work and see the dreaded FOR SALE sign on the lawn of one of your past clients. The reason that happens is the Relationship with that past client simply got DISCONNECTED over time.

Steve Here is my final question, NAR says the average Realtor loses up to 30% of their Referral and Repeat Business ANNUALLY because they don’t stay connected to their Relationships. I know the answer is obvious, but HOW critical is Referral and Repeat Business to your Business and if it is which it should be, could I have 2 minutes JUST to share with you THE HOW and THE WHY we are generating more Referrals?

Example "How"

Great! Let me briefly share HOW we are driving Referrals and get to the WHY as quickly as possible as the WHY is so much more critical. So this is How we generate more Referrals Steve. Are you familiar with the PUBLICATION American Lifestyle?

Yes Response

Excellent. Steve American Lifestyle is not really a publication. It’s REALLY a connector TOOL that Realtors, Financial Advisors, and others mail to their core relationships every two months Let me WRAP UP with you Steve WHY mailing an American Lifestyle with the covers customized with your photo and contact information is such an effective connector TOOL.

No Response

Steve No problem. American Lifestyle is a beautiful 4-Color publication that has the quality and look and feel of Architectural Digest. Realtors, Financial Advisors, and others mail to their core relationships every two months and customize the covers with their photos, logos and contact information.

Although American Lifestyle is a Publication Steve, its really not. It’s really a connector TOOL. Let me WRAP UP with you WHY mailing an American Lifestyle connector TOOL with your photo every two months is such an effective connector to drive Referrals and Repeat Business from your core Relationships.

Example "Why"

This is WHY it works. Steve when you got home last night and pulled your mail from the mailbox and stood in front of the circular file in the kitchen, what did you do, just like your clients do, and just like I do with all the postcards, newsletters, coupon clipper, valuepak, grocery coupons, and I hate to call it this but junk mail?



The reason the American Lifestyle TOOL works is it is perceived as an item of value from you to your client and the American Lifestyle TOOL gets past the trash can, onto the coffee table, where the American Lifestyle TOOL serves as a visual reminder of the value of your relationship, and that DRIVES REFERRALS and REPEAT BUSINESS.

In fact for example, when your clients neighbor comes over to your clients home and says, hey I have lived in the neighborhood for 5 years and I have not heard from my Realtor since they cashed their commission check, you moved in 2 years ago, were moving Is your Realtor any good? It's in that moment that you need your client to reach down on the coffee table and pick up the latest issue of the American Lifestyle TOOL and say, Absolutely, in fact call em Steve is an awesome Realtor and his contact info is on the Front Inside Cover.


Example "Button Up"

Another great question (Answer Question Briefly) I don't want to seem like I am beating a dead horse but, and of course our Marketing Coaches can give you more detail if you decide to do a Trial Mailing but in terms of the concept of generating more Referrals, WHAT questions do you have on keeping those key relationships connected so you drive more Referrals over time from your core Relationships. What questions do you have on the concept?