Ep 73: Interview with Perry Marshall: Transform Your Business with the 80/20 Rule

  Perry Marshall is a world-renowned business consultant and author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords—the top selling book, worldwide, on internet advertising. More recently, he reinvented how the 80/20 principle is used in the business world. Today on Stay Paid, Perry discusses how you can use the 80/20 rule to maximize your profits and… Read more »


Ep. 277: How Learning to Sell Made Lawyer Allison Williams Uber-Successful

 How to Run a Successful Business Who should listen: Regardless of your industry, if you’ve recently started a new business or have thought about being your own boss, and you want to make sure you start off on the right foot, you’ll benefit from the wisdom shared in this interview. Key idea: Sales conversations… Read more »

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How Advisors Can Increase Retention with the 80/20 Rule

When you work in financial services, it can be extremely difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities at once. To keep your business afloat, you need to work to attract new prospects while frequently touching base with existing customers—not to mention all the hard work you put into actually managing wealth. On top of all… Read more »

Ep. 196: The 3 Facebook Ads Every Business Should Be Running

 Real Estate Facebook Ads From among the different types of Facebook ads, these are the ones you want to run. Facebook real estate marketing is a no-brainer. Its popularity, the relatively low cost of running ads on the platform, and the potentially exceptional ROI you can achieve using its ads, make Facebook advertising for… Read more »

How to Run a Productive Meeting

Running a weekly sales meeting can go one of two ways—it can either be concise, informative, and inspiring, or it can be regarded as a total waste of time that has to be suffered through. Follow these tips to run the kind of meetings your team wants to attend. Video Transcription Hey, so if you’re… Read more »

The Big 3 Rules of Open House Etiquette for Agents and Buyers

In real estate, a large portion of your time will be spent showing homes to your buyers. Although the majority of these properties aren’t your own listings, it’s important to still hold them in high regard. In fact, home showings can not only land your buyers a new place to call their own, but also… Read more »

How to Get Out of a Rut

So, you’re in a rut. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. You might feel unmotivated or uninspired. Maybe you begin to question the career path you’ve chosen. When you get into this type of mindset, it can feel tough to get out. 2018 was a difficult year for me, personally. Our… Read more »


The 3 Best Facebook Ads for REALTORS®

Including one ad that delivers the motherlode of Facebook real estate leads You know real estate. It’s what you do. You enjoy it, you’re good at it, and you make a decent living at it. But, of course, you’d like to increase your annual GCI (what agent wouldn’t?), and you more than likely have been… Read more »

Exploring the 80/20 Rule on Social Media

Engaging your audience on social media can be quite challenging. Ultimately, the level of engagement boils down to the type of content you’re providing. Although you may have your own tactics, integrating the 80/20 content rule into your social media strategy can increase engagement. It simple terms, the 80/20 rule means that 80% of your… Read more »

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10 Tips Agents Can Use to Advertise on Social Media

Implementing a focused social media strategy seems to be a perpetual resolution for real estate professionals. With so many platforms and so many ways to approach the task, it’s no wonder social media becomes either a dreaded task or an afterthought for many agents and brokers. If you are trying to jumpstart your online presence,… Read more »


Ep. 326: 7 Rules for Managing a Remote Team (Updated for 2022)

 Help for Managing Remote Workers and Teams Who should listen: This episode is for team leaders, supervisors, and managers looking for tips and lessons learned about managing remote workers and teams. Key idea: Don’t be hesitant to try new things. Only be intentional, get feedback, and adjust when necessary. Action item: Today, do something… Read more »


The Three Facebook Ads Real Estate Agents Need to be Running

Facebook advertising can be a lucrative marketing tactic for real estate agents. But determining what types of ads to run can be quite the challenge. In this episode of Above the Noise, Josh breaks down three different types of Facebook ads that every real estate agent should be running. Video Transcription One of the hardest… Read more »