Ep. 224: Instagram—What to Post and How to GROW Your Following

— Instagram Growth Strategies for 2021 These tactics won’t cost you a dime. To grow organically on Instagram simply means to grow your following for free. Especially for entrepreneurs who may be just starting out, we recommend that you begin by maximizing the potential of your content and reaping the benefits of engaging with other… Read more »

Ep. 141: Ed Stulak- Grow and Maintain Your Following on Instagram

 Ed Stulak is a New Jersey licensed REALTOR® and social media star. He has a new course that teaches everything he has learned over the last eight years about building a following on Instagram, including the basics of Instagram, personal branding, and strategies to build your following. He has been featured in publications such… Read more »


Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram has grown from a straightforward photo-sharing platform to a bonafide social media behemoth. As a result, it is a great place to grow you sphere by providing followers a glimpse into your life. If you want to build your presence, take action on the following tips. Video Transcription Alright so there’s no doubt social… Read more »

An agent looks at Luke Acree's Instagram profile on a cell phone screen.

11 Real Estate Influencers Agents Should Be Following

The world of real estate can get competitive, so it’s crucial for agents to understand what their peers are doing—particularly the most successful among them. If you’re looking to dominate your local real estate market, here are 11 thought leaders you need to follow on social media right away.  Tom Ferry View this post on… Read more »

Ep. 174: How Instagram can grow your business

 How to Generate Leads on Instagram and Grow Your Business Luke and Josh have nine (count ‘em, NINE!) helpful tips in this week’s Silver Dollar episode for how to generate leads on Instagram. That means not only how to get real Instagram followers, but also how to keep them and eventually turn them into… Read more »

Should You Choose a Personal or Business Profile on Instagram?

With over one billion monthly users and an estimated 71 percent of businesses using the platform, a viable Instagram presence is a must for any sales professional looking to make an impact. If you’ve got a business page on Facebook, you’re already aware that it has a starkly different appearance than your personal profile. But,… Read more »

Checking Your Performance on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for digital marketers—one that offers countless opportunities for lead generation and engagement. But, if you really want to get the most out of your Instagram efforts, you need to keep track of your performance on a regular basis. Today, our Marketing Coordinator Andrea Tremper shows you how to check in on… Read more »

Write Amazing Instagram Captions for Your Business

When it comes to growing your brand on Instagram, it’s all about the little details. From the filters you apply to your photos to the hashtags you use to promote them, each choice you make plays a role in how your content will perform—and, ultimately, in how people will feel about your business. Though Instagram… Read more »

Building Your List with Instagram

Using marketing through a website and email list alone will only get you so far. In order to tap in to a whole new audience, leverage an Instagram page. An Instagram page helps keep your already loyal audience engaged on another platform and also opens up the possibility for you to branch out to an… Read more »

Ep 83: Conquer Social Media Without Spending a Dime (with Katie Lance)

  Katie Lance is the CEO and cofounder of Katie Lance Consulting. A nationally renowned speaker on digital marketing topics, she’s responsible for creating Inman’s Ambassadors program, as well as her own Social Smart Academy. Today on Stay Paid, Katie explains how you can use social media to build client relationships and transform your business—offering… Read more »

How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for building new client relationships and nurturing existing ones. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of Instagram’s Live feature.   Today on Put a Pin in It, ReminderMedia graphic designer Maggie Nealer gives step-by-step instructions for going live on this popular platform. Video Transcription… Read more »

How to Create and Share an Instagram Nametag

If you’re looking to grow your social media following and make stronger connections, it’s important to be able to share your Instagram handle with anyone you meet.   Today on Put a Pin in It, ReminderMedia graphic designer Chelsea Kirk gives step-by-step instructions for creating and sharing an Instagram Nametag. Video Transcription Instagram is a… Read more »