The Only 3 Real Estate Content Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Here’s the problem with nearly all articles promising to offer you real estate content marketing ideas . . . They offer lists (sometimes really long lists) of disjointed content ideas that are meant to help stimulate the creative side of your brain about the types of content you can create—blogs, videos, newsletters, and the like…. Read more »

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11 Real Estate Influencers Agents Should Be Following

The world of real estate can get competitive, so it’s crucial for agents to understand what their peers are doing—particularly the most successful among them. If you’re looking to dominate your local real estate market, here are 11 thought leaders you need to follow on social media right away.  Tom Ferry View this post on… Read more »

Ep. 211 Jeff Lerner: Giving away millionaire secrets

 How to Use Retargeting Ads as a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Jeff Lerner is the epitome of the entrepreneur who simply won’t quit. During his interview with Luke and Josh, he explains that he: Dropped out of high school to become a jazz musician … Got fired from his first job after… Read more »

More Ways New Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads for Free

This is Part 2 in a series about lead generation for new real estate agents. You can get leads for free from more places and in more ways than you might have thought possible. This time, we go digital with Facebook. Like any new real estate agent, I remember what it was like to be… Read more »

7 Costly Mistakes Everyone Makes with Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Congratulate yourself on making the decision to start using direct mail! Direct mail is a marketing tool that, unfortunately, some business owners don’t believe in.  But you know better! Still, you do need to take some care when using direct mail. Specifically, you want to avoid these seven costly mistakes when planning your direct mail… Read more »

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The Best Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors – What the Data Say

Updated May 5, 2021 There is no shortage of advice available to financial advisors and broker-dealers about how to market their businesses. I’ve seen advice ranging from sending birthday and holiday cards to hiring a marketing firm or consultant whose expertise is working with financial services professionals. But if you’re a new advisor who’s only… Read more »


Ep. 258: How to Move Prospects Through the 8 Phases of a Sales Call

 How to Make a Sales Call A Step-by-Step Guide to Outbound Phone Sales Who should listen: Salespeople prospecting for leads who need a framework to organize their sales calls and seamlessly move their prospects through their funnel. Key idea: Using a script is essential when making cold calls, but they don’t have to be… Read more »

How to Track Print Ads in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a great tool to improve your marketing efforts. It can show you where your visitors are coming from and what they do while they’re on your site. For example, looking at the referral traffic, you can see all the sites that sent traffic your way and if they completed any goals… Read more »

10 Conversational Habits That Make You More Influential

“He’s a born salesman.” You’ve probably heard someone say this about someone who is particularly influential. You may have even used it yourself. But it’s not entirely accurate While some people have an innate sense of how to influence others, anyone can learn to use these techniques in their conversations. Here are ten of the… Read more »