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At ReminderMedia, we have developed internships in various departments which are designed to apply classroom studies, theories, concepts, and analytical skills in a professional workplace setting. The program is an active learning experience where the students work under the close supervision of professionals who practice in the students’ area of study. The purpose and emphasis of the internship is to challenge students through a structured program to help them learn more about themselves and what they want to do after graduation and beyond. The internship theme is nosce te ipsum, which is Latin for “know thyself.” The ReminderMedia staff will provide close one-on-one attention, guidance, and encouragement to make the internship a prosperous experience.

Frequently Asked Internship Questions

Where is ReminderMedia located?

ReminderMedia is located at 1100 First Avenue, Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Directions are available on our contact page or easily searchable through Google Maps.

How long does an internship last?

The duration of the summer program is 13 weeks, and the fall/spring program is 17 weeks in length.

What do interns do?

ReminderMedia provides an environment where interns are given a wide array of responsibilities that include real-life situations in order to prepare them for post-graduation. Their day-to-day duties will depend upon the department in which the student works.

Do interns get paid?

Yes, interns at ReminderMedia are paid! We strongly believe that students are here for the learning experience. However, compensation for their hard work and commitment is important. Academic credit is also available to students who fulfill their school’s requirements. Your academic advisor can help you with understanding those requirements.

What type of work schedule can I expect?

Students have varying class schedules, so we’re flexible with accommodating each student’s availability. The standard workday is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but we can offer students shifts that fit within their schedules. We do require an attendance commitment of at least 3 days per week and 4 hours per shift. Interns can work as many hours as they would like; up to 30 hours per week.

Are there specific requirements to become an intern?

Internship is available to students of any major in their sophomore, junior, or senior years of college education. Full-time graduate students are also eligible. Students should be able to commit to the required hours of the position for the duration of the program.

To find out if the ReminderMedia Internship Development Program meets your school’s requirements for academic credit, contact your academic advisor.

What should I expect to learn from this?

The goal of the program is to expose students to real-world work experience in a business environment, and to help them determine a possible career path that they are interested in. While working at ReminderMedia, students can learn Internet and computer skills, analytical thought processes, and expanded communication skills. They will also get to see how a business operates. Interns work with ReminderMedia professionals and communicate with business managers and decision makers daily. This experience provides a foundation for being able to interview properly and to communicate in the workplace.

What happens after the internship is over?

Students complete an assessment form with their feedback on the program. Supervisors meet with students individually to provide them with a performance evaluation and feedback for their related career path. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team, and encourage interns to apply for full-time positions after graduation.

How do I become an intern?

For consideration, complete the online application. Resumes are reviewed, and potential candidates receive a phone interview. A face-to-face interview is then conducted in our King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, office.

What Interns Have to Say…

“Upon entering the internship and without prior experience, I was definitely nervous. Especially due to all the movies I’ve watched with interns in them. Luckily, instead of throwing us blindly into tasks, we were given the tools and education needed to prepare us for our responsibilities. Looking back at the internship, I truly believe that the more questions I asked correlated with my ability to thrive in the program.  ReminderMedia provided a hands-on internship that allowed room for advancement and the opportunity to work with multiple departments. I loved that the interns were extended the chance to talk to higher-ups and learn useful insights they found on their road to success. I’m walking away from this internship knowing I’ve directly contributed to the continued success of the company, and that’s a great feeling.” Emily M., West Chester University ‘15

“ReminderMedia’s internship program was the most influential experience, offering valuable opportunities, and giving real world definition to classroom learning. ReminderMedia paved the way for my future career path.” –Regina H., Immaculata University ‘14

“I have really enjoyed my summer internship here at ReminderMedia. It has given me great insight into how a company works, from many angles. The Wednesday meetings with managers, including the CEO, were a great time to show my face and to pick their brains. The company let the interns wear many hats by choosing different projects to work on for different departments. The articles which we were instructed to read also gave us great information about how businesses are run. I would highly recommend this internship for anyone who wants a better understanding of the business world beyond what we learn from our textbooks. I believe that I will cherish this information for my whole professional career. I look forward to continuing working here this fall.” –Chetwood T., Temple University ‘14

My internship experience at ReminderMedia has provided me with the essential decision- making, analytical, and problem-solving skills for entering the corporate world. Weekly meetings with top managers provided me with unique insights into how success can be achieved in many different ways. Overall, my summer internship helped me become a diligent worker, while exercising my curiosity through being able to contribute to unique projects in various departments throughout the company. The exposure to different departments as well as my training in business development has been incredibly valuable in helping me shape the direction of my future career! Virginia M., Villanova University ‘15

My time as an intern at ReminderMedia has been such a fantastic and rewarding experience. I have learned so much and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that I will remember and carry with me as I move forward in my career path as a student and as a professional after graduation. During the course of this internship, I always enjoyed the weekly presentations made by men and women in the different departments here at ReminderMedia. These men and women provided helpful advice while also giving us the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about themselves and the company. I believe this internship has been extremely beneficial and highly I recommend it to any college student!Emily W., Saint Joseph’s University ‘15

Still Have Questions?

We’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please contact Heather at 484-804-2125 to learn more!